Albigeoise 2017: The Race Rules (English)

Race Rules of the Albigeoise, French Qualifier event for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, Albi (2017).


MEDICAL CERTIFICATE:  For certain racing licenses which have been obtained without a medical exam, you also need to provide an additional medical certificate to take part in a French event.  This is for sure the case for all licenses issued by British Cycling ans some other national federations…
This medical certificate, needs to mention that the owner od not unable to practice Cycling in competition.

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1- Definition and Observing the Rules

The Albigeoise is a Cyclosportive (Gran Fondo) event.  It will be held in Albi (81), France, on Friday 26 and Sunday, 28 may 2017.

The Albigeoise ‘ll hold two events, the individual Time Trial race on Friday 26 and the Road Races on Sunday 28.

It is on the French Cycling Federation’s national calendar and is open to licensed and non-licensed riders.  The event is organized by Albi Velo Sport.

The event conforms to the French Decree 55-1366 dated 18 October 1955 titled Rules For Cycling Events on Public Roads and by Circular NOR IT/D04/00063C dated 25 May 2004 which corresponds to Decree 55, and stipulates official recognition of Cyclosportive events.

The Albigeoise 2017 the  official French qualifying event for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships to be held in Albi, the during the last week of August 2017 (24 to 27).

The Albigeoise 2017 will be held on the same routes as the UCI Gran Fondo World Championsips 2017, which will be hosted by Albi.

Participants in the Albigeoise are asked to familiarize themselves with these rules and to follow them in all circumstances.  Ignorance of these rules is not a justifiable excuse for not following them in case of arbitration.

2- Conditions of participation

The event is open to licensed and non-licensed riders of all nationalities who are at least 18 years of age).

Conforming to article L.231-3 of the Code of Sport dated 5 April 2006, in the law covering the protection of the health of athletes and the fight against doping, competitors in the event must possess a sporting license (National Federation which is member of the UCI),  which attests to the existence of a medical certificate mentioning the absence of contraindications to participation in cycling competition, or for non-licensed riders, to whom the event is open) the presentation of a medical certificate, less than one year old, on 25 May 2017.

Riders licensed with the French Cycling Federation just attach a photocopy of their 2017 license to their registration.  Other riders (licensed and non-licensed) must furnish the original or a photocopy of a medical certificate which specifically states “does not present contra indications to the practice of cycling in competition” and is dated less than one year from the date of 25 May 2017.

Minors of 17 years old or less (category juniors) may participate on the shorter course upon presentation of parental authorization.

Non-licensed riders can register with the organizer upon presentation of individual accident insurance that accords them the same protection as licensed riders have.

The organizer is relieved of all responsibility in case of health incidents to the participants that occur before, during, or after the event.

3-  Registration

Sign up for the Albigeoise can be carried out on this Website, Other sites (to be determined…)

Registration can also be carried out by mail.  Registration forms can be requested by mail or downloaded from the internet.

To be valid, registration forms must be accompanied by the supporting documentation required corresponding to the type of registration and the complete payment of the entry.

All incomplete registrations will be held until the missing forms are provided.  They can be recovered and completed at the event at the “incomplete registration” window.

Registration closes on  May 22nd 2017, except for exceptional cases. There ‘ll not be last minute registrations, except on Saturday 27 at the race office, with the complete file and the mandatory Licence 2017.

Registration costs:


– Inscription Time Trial > 30 Euros  > 33 Euros (Non licenced FFC)

– Inscription Road Race > 45 Euros > 48 Euros (Non licenced FFC)

– Inscriptions Both> 70 Euros > (75 Euros Non Licenced FFC)

– Inscription Road Race at race Office (only on Saturday 27) > 50 Euros (ALL)


– Inscription TT > 25 Euros/each

– Inscription Road Race> 40 Euros/each

– Inscriptions Both > 60 Euros/each


– 25 Euros

4-  Insurance Requirements:

Each participant must be in possession of an individual accident insurance or personal civil responsibility insurance, either through their sporting federation license, or privately held.  By signing the registration form, all participants acknowledge familiarity with the guidelines set forth by the organizer on the registration form.  The organizer accepts no responsibility for participants who miss the event due to any incidents that befall the participant before, during, or after the event.

Likewise, all race organization collaborators, assistants, and team members will not be held responsible before, during, or after the event.

5- Sporting Rules, Categories, and Podiums

The Albigeoise takes place under the auspices of the French Cycling Federation (FFC) and the sporting rules are those technical regulations published for the conduct of Cyclosportives.

The event is a qualifier for the UCI World Granfondo Championships, so the UCI categories listed below are in effect.

 The Age Categories for Men and Women are as follows:

Cat M1/F1: 18/34 Years old (Qualified 19/34)

Cat M2/F2: 35/39

Cat M3/F3: 40/44

Cat M4/F4: 45/49

Cat M5/F5: 50/54

Cat M6/F6: 55/59

Cat M7/F7: 60/64

Cat M8/F8: 65/69

Cat M9/F9: + 70

Cat H: Handisports (Non qualified)

The men in categories H1,2,3,4,5,6, will ride the long course (the Albigeoise).

All women categories as well as H7,8,9 will ride the short course (the Bastides Gresigne).

Men and women cyclists who participate in the Regional Trophy Midi-Pyrenees will have their results credited to their classification based on their birthyear.

Women cyclists who want to ride the long course (the Albigeoise) will be classified in the Scratch classification and the first three will be rewarded.  There will be no age classifications for women in the long course.

Men over 60 years old (categories H7,8,9) who want to ride the long course (the Albigeoise) will be classified in the Scratch classification.  There will be no H7,8,9 age classifications in the long course.

Men in categories H1,2,3,4,5 who want to ride the short course (The Bastides Gresigne)will be classified in the Scratch classification and the first three will be rewarded.  There will be no H1,2,3,4,5 age classifications for men in the short course (The Bastides Gresigne).

All men and women cyclists who have not accumulated any UCI points will be eligible to be classified.  Men and women cyclists who have UCI points may participate but will not be classified.  Active professionals are admitted upon invitation but will not be classified.

6-  Event Direction

The event will be coordinated by the event director who will be assisted by several accredited commissars, who will be present throughout the itinerary, from the first start to the finish of the last competitor.

The UCI and the FFC may delegate one or more commissars or coordinators in roles to be determined with the event director.

7- Security and Protection of the Participants

The event will benefit from a secure course with motorcycles and protection at non-priority intersections.  Per direction of the prefecture and after a final reconnaissance of the course, privatization of the route will be requested if necessary.

More generally, please respect the entirety of the race regulations and traffic laws.  A “broom wagon” and/or “end of course” vehicle will close the course.

A request will be made of the National Gendarmerie to reinforce the mobile security of the event. Which will be secured by a large group of motorcycles who are specialists in the security of sporting events on public roads, and a sufficient number of road guards will put in place by the organizer at all of the non-priority intersections and the zones judged to be problematic to the security of the participants (among others, the crossing of villages).

8- Start and Delay Modalities

Participants will start in two groups, with individual starts for each of the distances in the Albigeoise.

– The start of the 149 kms (ALBIGEOISE)will be at 8.30am, at the Parvis of the Cathedral Sainte Cecile in the center of the town of Albi.

-The start of the 97  kms (THE BASTIDES GRESIGNE) will be at 8:45 am (men) in the same location and 9.00 am (women).

– The start of the Randonnée (THE RONDE DU VIGNOBLE) will be at 9:30 am in the same location.

-The times could be reevaluated depending on the conditions of the moment.  Each participant will be informed of any changes when they pick up their race packet.

There will be time limits established for completion of the event.  The finish line controls will close when the “end of course” vehicle completes the course.  This vehicle will travel at an average of 22 km/hr.  All participants who are passed by the closing vehicle are considered out of the supervision of the race and complete the course entirely under their own responsibility.

9-  Race Office

The race office will open the day before the race (Time Trial), that is on:

-Thursday 25 (9am/12am and 2pm/7pm)

– Friday 26 (8 am/12am, 2pm/7pm)

– Saturday 27 (8 am/12 pm and 2pm/7pm)

 – Sunday 28 (6am to 8.30 am.)  The Race Office will be located in the Parc des Expositions very close to the Circuit automobile du Sequestre in Albi.

10- Emergency phone number

The Emergency phone number will be given to all participants. This number should only be used  in case of a problem where the participant requires medical or safety assistance .

11– Behavior during the event

All participants should comport themselves responsibly and in the spirit of fairplay regarding others throughout the event and with regards to personal trash.  A global plan will be put in place to assure trash collection and the protection of the sites.  The Green Cycling Eco Cyclo patrol will be particularly attentive to the comportment of participants during the event and, in the case polluting behavior, participants will be sanctioned and can be removed from the course per direction of the course commissars.

12- Medical Control

Per international and national sporting rules, participants may be subject to medical controls at the finish of the event.  An infraction at these controls, or a refusal to participate will result in immediate disqualification of the participant concerned along with legal consequences.

13- Material and Equipment

Equipment used by the participants must conform to the general regulations that govern road races.  Triathlon-type handlebar extensions are not allowed.  Rigid bicycle helmets ae mandatory for all participants throughout the event.

14- Support Vehicles

Accredited support vehicles are limited to security, medical services, and race direction.  All other vehicles not accredited by the organization are not allowed within the rolling enclosure of the event.  The presence of personal support vehicles can result in the disqualification of concerned riders.

15-  Media and Photo Rights

The race organizer maintains exclusive rights to the photos taken for the entire course and concerning all registered participants.  Specific contracts for media rights can be arranged for participants who desire personal media services.  Those contracts are private and only concern those participants who have requested them.

16- Conclusions

These general rules can evolve, the organizer reserves the right to modify them depending on circumstances.  These rules can be consulted and downloaded from the race registration websites.

All registered participants promise to know the rules.  For their interpretation and execution, French law and the rules of the road are the legal and official basis.

Albi, updated May 2017